Eqwise Courses

We offer a range of Equine courses and training. We have specialist staff who are fully quailfied in the following areas :

Coaching & Mentoring Workshops.

This is a fantastic way to discover the basics about horses. You could be a complete beginner to horses, even a parent or a partner of a horse owner and just need to know a little more about how to safely care for and handle horses.

BHS Stage 1 - 3 Exam Preparation.

The British Horse Society examination system has an international reputation within the Equine industry. BHS examinations are vocational examinations designed for and aimed at, persons wishing to either pursue teaching as a career or who simply wish to explore the extent of their equestrian knowledge.

    BHS Stage 1 Horse Knowledge and Care

    Anatomy and Physiology, Equine Behaviour, The Stabled Horse, The Grass Kept Horse, Saddlery, Foot Shoeing and Lameness, Watering and Feeding, Horse Health, Health and Safety.

    BHS Stage 2 Horse Knowledge and Care

    Anatomy and Physiology, Horse Psychology, Horse Health, Equine Nutririon, Horse Management, Saddlery, Shoeing, Fittening the Horse, Stable Design and Pasture Management, Health and Safety.

    BHS Stage 3 Horse Knowledge and Care

    Anatomy and Physiology, Horse Health, Management and General Handling, Feeding and Nutrition, Fittening and Competition, Saddlery, Shoeing, Grazing Management, Health and Safety.

Stable Management

We aim to provide a straightforward introductory course suitable for anyone wishing to establish the foundation of stable management principles.

For full course details please contact us at [email protected]

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