Eqwise Youth Scheme

Our aim is to provide a safe and natural environment for young people to work and engage in activities, build confidence and improve communication skills through interaction with horses.

Our experienced instructors work with both youth groups and individuals offering the opportunity to reflect on their experience and their personal impact.

Activity schedules can be tailored to suit individual needs and ability. We also take great care to provide affordable packages depending on your budget and importantly what you are trying to achieve.

No equine knowledge or experience is required. We encourage both ground and ridden work to develop the unique bond between horses and people.


Equine Assisted Learning is still relatively new here in the UK but is growing fast!

People have used horses extensively for many years to help them with their own personal development, identify problems and solve them.

Using ‘Natural Horsemanship’ skills and often no verbal or physical communication to complete given tasks you will find your own strengths and weaknesses.

Horses can help us live in the moment, they teach us how to slow down and most importantly….how to listen!

We cannot hide our fears or feelings from them. Horses can read us and our thoughts clearly. ‘the horse is never wrong’!

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