Eqwise Youth Scheme Activities

We at Eqwise recognise and value people as individuals and have a pro-active approach to engaging people in a range of practical activities that we offer.

The activities are designed to help give people problem solving and transferable life skills which helps promote independence and supports personal growth.

This diverse range of activities and use of innovative approaches enables everyone to have ‘hands on’, involvement.

Obstacle Course Building

This activity involves building their own ‘assault course for a horse’, with a variety of methods and obstacles to work through, around and over. You can make your course as tricky or as easy as you like then work together with your horse to complete the course. This work is done in the outdoor arena.

Horse Agility

This activity involves working with the horses from the ground. As a team you and your horse work through a course of obstacles in the open space. Through the woods, in and out of trees, in the field, up and down hills and tackling obstacles like water trays and tyre walls that get in your way.

The outcomes include:

  • Confidence building
  • Communication
  • Increased self awareness and self esteem
  • Team bonding
  • Team work
  • Independence
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership skills, taking control and initiative!

Horticulture- Grow your own vegetables and plant your own pots

Enjoy time in the veggie patch, planting seeds and cutting crops. Decorate your own plant pot and pick your own plants.

Horse Riding

Learn to ride on our safe and friendly horses and ponies and improve your balance, co-ordination and ability to perform tasks on horse back.

We also offer other fun activities and opportunities for young people to reflect on their experiences and their personal impact.

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