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Lisa has been a patient and encouraging teacher to two of my children. Initially Lisa was requested to work with Maaham and her pony Shadow. Maaham had lost confidence which resulted in Shadow misbehaving. Shadow was pulling and bucking and generally not listening to Maaham. Lisa very quickly corrected the power balance restoring Maahams confidence as well as instilling positive behaviour patters into Shadow. Maaham is riding every week and has resumed jumping. Shadow on occasion will try something but Maaham will put into practice what she has learnt. Lisa has also been teaching my youngest to ride. Ibrahim, 6 is really enthusiastic and under Lisa's guidance has made incredible progress. Lisa has a natural way with both children and horses and can get them to do almost anything. She demonstrates patience and skill and is always encouraging. Lisa has the ability of moving children on quickly and confidently. Each lesson is full with Lisa knowing exactly what she wants to cover. It is really good to see the children enjoying the pony whilst learning correctly techniques that are required to become a confident and competent rider.  Refat Mahmood.

Lisa has been working on my Friesian cross Ruby who is rising 3years, for the last 4 months. Lisa's manner around Ruby was briliant and gained Ruby's trust staight away which is not an easy thing to do. When Lisa started work with Ruby she had recieved no schooling at all and has brought her to the point where she has been under saddle with no negative signs whatsoever.
I have watched Lisa a number of times and have alway's been amazed how she always brings out the best in Ruby, Lisa is gentle, positive and firm all rolled into one, and it is obvious for anyone to see that the horses respect Lisa through the way she is with them. I so pleased with the work that Lisa has done on Ruby, she is soon to start work on my other horse.
To anyone who is reading this I would not hesitate in recomending Lisa to anyone thinking of having there horse schooled, she has also helped me become more knowledgeable and she always has time to help.  Martin Burrows.

Although I have had riding lessons on and off for some years, I felt  totally unconfident and nervous with regard to my riding.  That was, until I met Lisa.  When I had my first lesson with Lisa, she was able to help me feel confident in my ability and capable. I left, feeling excited about my riding and I have not felt like that for a very long time. Lisa is passionate about her work and her enthusiasm is infectious.  There’s something about the way she is able to engage with her clients and get the best out of them.  Lisa has a natural flair for explaining technical aspects of riding technique and essential horse behaviour a way in which, people can easily understand.  Most of my previous instructors did not do this well.  The effect, was that my riding was improving and I was more able to ride in harmony with my own horse.  Of course, I followed this with further lessons!  Raine Muskoka.      

Lisa and the team at Eqwise has helped me and my 5 year old Arab enormously, with the quiet, peaceful atmosphere you feel as soon as you enter the yard and the support and care Eqwise has shown to me and my horse. 
Before Eqwise I could not lead or handle my horse comfortably from the ground, never mind actually ride her. Her high spirit and sensitivity to her surroundings made her dangerous to handle and I completely lost my confidence with her. 
Now, thanks to Lisa I have gained greatly in confidence and I am riding her more now, improving every time. Through Eqwise's help I have not only learnt how to handle and approach situations but why and how they developed in the first place.
Eqwise has made me realise not only how to have a good partnership with my horse but made me aware of my own insecurities within my personal life and how to deal with how I feel, not just bottle everything up. 
So, to Lisa and her team, thank you so much! You have done so much for me, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you! Stephanie Mutimer.
I have known Lisa Powell on a professional and personal level for nearly 5 years, in this time she has proven to be a women of integrity, she has a great sense of humour, a fantastic enthusiasm for life and a positivity that is contagious. She has the knowledge and experience of working with both horses and people ( young and old ) she has the compassion, kindness, knowledge, patience, skill and good communication required for therapeutic equine success' Geraldine Kerfoot Bell.
Such a fab instructor, very understanding to mine and my horses needs. Always there to offer advice on not only riding but general horse care.
Me and my horse came on leaps and bounds with all her help
Jackie Fairclough.
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