Eqwise Services

We offer wide range of additional services at Eqwise which include :

Holiday Cover
We offer holiday cover for your horse while you are away on your holiday. We take pride in caring for your horse as if it was one of our own. All your horses requirements will be catered for by our qualified grooms.

Breaking and Schooling
We take horses for breaking, schooling and re-schooling if your horse has been out of work for a while or has developed some bad habits. Our sympathetic approach gives your horse the best start to a working life and also re-educates horses that have lost their way for any reason.

Advice and Guidance
We offer free advice over the telephone or via email for all aspects of horse care and management, for instance:-

Buying a Horse?
We offer advice and guidance in preparation for your first horse or advice on future purchases.

Horses Bad Habits
Which training aid works best, wind sucking etc….

For full price details and more information please contact [email protected]




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